Additional Resources

There are a number of good resources appearing all over the web for learning about MongoDB and Ruby. A useful selection is listed below. If you know of others, do let us know.





  • Capistrano Mongo Sync

    Sync your local development db with your remote production db using capistrano.

  • Simple Pub/Sub

    A very simple pub/sub system.

  • Mongo Queue

    An extensible thread safe job/message queueing system that uses MongoDB as the persistent storage engine.

  • Resque-mongo

    A port of the Github’s Resque to MongoDB.

  • Mongo Admin

    A Rails plugin for browsing and managing MongoDB data. See the live demo.

  • Sinatra Resource

    Resource Oriented Architecture (REST) for Sinatra and MongoMapper.

  • NewsMonger

    A simple social news application demonstrating MongoMapper and Rails.

  • Data Catalog API

    From Sunlight Labs, a non-trivial application using MongoMapper and Sinatra.

  • Watchtower

    An example application using Mustache, MongoDB, and Sinatra.

  • Shapado

    A question and answer site similar to Stack Overflow. Live version at