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New in version 10.8.0.

AnyRealmValue is a Realm property type that can hold different data types. Supported AnyRealmValue data types include:

  • Int
  • Float
  • Double
  • Decimal128
  • ObjectID
  • UUID
  • Bool
  • Date
  • Data
  • String
  • Object

This mixed data type is indexable, but you can't use it as a primary key. Because null is a permitted value, you can't declare an AnyRealmValue as optional.

// Create a Dog object and then set its properties
// In this case, the dog's age is an int
let myDog = Dog() = "Rex"
myDog.age = .int(5)
// This dog has no companion.
// You can set the field's type to "none", which represents `nil`
myDog.companion = .none
// Create another Dog object whose age is a float
let myOtherDog = Dog() = "Spot"
myOtherDog.age = .float(2.5)
// This dog's companion is a cat named Fluffy, represented by a string here
myOtherDog.companion = .string("Fluffy the Cat")
// Create a third Dog object whose age is a string
let myThirdDog = Dog() = "Fido"
myThirdDog.age = .string("3 months")
// This dog's companion is a Person, which is an object that has a
// string name, an optional string address, and an int age
myThirdDog.companion = .object(Person(value: ["name": "Sylvia", "age": 12]))
// Get the default realm. You only need to do this once per thread.
let realm = try! Realm()
// Add to the realm inside a transaction
try! realm.write {
// Verify the type of the ``AnyRealmProperty`` when attempting to get it. This
// returns an object whose property contains the matched type.
if case let .int(age) = myDog.age {
print(age) // Prints 5
// In this example, "myOtherDog"'s age is a float type, so checking the type
// before trying to use it avoids an exception
if case let .int(age) = myOtherDog.age {
print(age) // Doesn't print anything
// Retreiving an object stored as an ``AnyRealmProperty`` gives you
// the complete object, containing all of the object's properties
if case let .object(companion) = myThirdDog.companion {
// Prints all the details of the Person object:
// {name = Sylvia; address = null; age = 12;}

You can compare these mixed value types:

  • Numeric: int, bool, float, double, decimal
  • Byte-based: string, binary
  • Time-based: timestamp, objectId

When using the AnyRealmValue mixed data type, keep these things in mind:

  • equals queries match on value and type
  • not equals queries match objects with either different values or different types
  • realm converts comparable numeric properties where possible. For example, in a mixed type field, 1 matches all of 1.0, 1, and true.
  • String properties do not match numeric queries. For example, in a mixed type field, 1 does not match "1". "1" does not match 1, 1.0, or true.
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