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CRUD - Update - Node.js SDK

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  • Update an Object
  • Upsert an Object
  • Bulk Update a Collection

You can add, modify, or delete properties of a Realm object inside of a write transaction in the same way that you would update any other JavaScript object.

// Open a transaction.
realm.write(() => {
// Get a dog to update.
const dog = realm.objects("Dog")[0];
// Update some properties on the instance.
// These changes are saved to the realm. = "Maximilian";
dog.age += 1;


Update Related and Embedded Objects

To update a property of an embedded object or a related object, modify the property with dot-notation or bracket-notation as if it were in a regular, nested object.

To upsert an object, call Realm.create() with the update mode set to modified. The operation either inserts a new object with the given primary key or updates an existing object that already has that primary key.

realm.write(() => {
// Add a new person to the realm. Since nobody with ID 1234
// has been added yet, this adds the instance to the realm.
person = realm.create(
{ _id: 1234, name: "Joe", age: 40 },
// If an object exists, setting the third parameter (`updateMode`) to
// "modified" only updates properties that have changed, resulting in
// faster operations.
person = realm.create(
{ _id: 1234, name: "Joseph", age: 40 },

To apply an update to a collection of objects, iterate through the collection (e.g. with for...of). In the loop, update each object individually:

realm.write(() => {
// Create someone to take care of some dogs.
const person = realm.create("Person", { name: "Ali" });
// Find dogs younger than 2.
const puppies = realm.objects("Dog").filtered("age < 2");
// Loop through to update.
for (const puppy of puppies) {
// Give all puppies to Ali.
puppy.owner = person;


Inverse Relationships

Thanks to an inverse relationship from Dog.owner to Person.dogs, Realm automatically updates Ali's list of dogs whenever we set her as a puppy's owner.

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