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New in version 10.6.0.

You can use the RealmDictionary data type to manage a collection of unique String keys paired with values. RealmDictionary implements Java's Map interface, so it works just like the built-in HashMap class, except managed RealmDictionary instances persist their contents to a realm. RealmDictionary instances that contain Realm objects store references to those objects. When you delete a Realm object from a realm, any references to that object in a RealmDictionary become null values.

To create a field of type RealmDictionary, define an object property of type RealmDictionary<T>, where T defines the values you would like to store in your RealmDictionary. Currently, RealmDictionary instances can only use keys of type String.

To subscribe to changes to a RealmDictionary, pass a MapChangeListener implementation to the RealmSet.addChangeListener method. Your MapChangeListener implementation must define an onChange() method, which accepts a reference to the changed RealmDictionary and a set of changes as parameters. You can access the keys added to the dictionary as well as the keys removed from the dictionary through the MapChangeSet parameter.

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