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Delete a Realm File - Flutter SDK

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  • Delete a Realm File

In some cases, you may want to completely delete a realm file from disk.

Realm avoids copying data into memory except when absolutely required. As a result, all objects managed by a realm have references to the file on disk. Before you can safely delete the file, you must ensure the deallocation of these objects:

  • All objects read from or added to the realm

  • All List and Results objects

  • All ThreadSafeReference objects

  • The realm itself


Don't delete files while realms are open

If you delete a realm file or any of its auxiliary files while one or more instances of the realm are open, you might corrupt the realm or disrupt sync.

You can delete the .realm, .note and .management files for a given configuration with the static method Realm.deleteRealm(), which accepts a path to a realm file as an argument.

//Get realm's file path
final path = realm.config.path;
// You must close a realm before deleting it
// Delete the realm
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