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  • Read from Realm Database
  • Query All Objects
  • Query List of RealmObjects
  • Filter Results
  • Sort Results
  • Write Operations
  • Create Objects
  • Update Objects
  • Delete Objects

A read from a realm generally consists of the following steps:

  • Get all objects of a certain type from the realm.
  • Optionally, filter the results using the Realm Query Language.
  • Optionally, sort the results using Realm Query Language.

Retrieve a collection of all objects of a data model in the realm with the Realm.all() method.

var cars = realm.all<Car>();
var myCar = cars[0];
print('My car is ${myCar.make} ${myCar.model}');

You can query any list of RealmObjects. For more information on querying, see Filter Results.

final config = Configuration([Person.schema, Team.schema]);
final realm = Realm(config);
final heroes = Team('Millenium Falcon Crew', crew: [
realm.write(() => realm.add(heroes));
final lukeAndLeia = (heroes.crew).query(r'name BEGINSWITH $0', ['L']);

Filter a RealmList to retrieve a specific segment of objects with the Realm.query() method. In the query() method's argument, use Realm Query Language operators to perform filtering.

var cars = realm.all<Car>().query('make == "Tesla"');

Sort the results using the Realm Query Language SORT() operator in the query() method's argument.

realm.write(() {
realm.add(Car('BMW', model: 'Z4', miles: 42));
realm.add(Car('Audi', model: 'A8', miles: 99));
realm.add(Car('Mercedes', model: 'G-Wagon', miles: 2));
final sortedCars = realm.query<Car>('TRUEPREDICATE SORT(model ASC)');
for (var car in sortedCars) {
// prints 'A8', 'G-Wagon', 'Z4'

Once you've opened a realm, you can create objects within it using a write transaction block.

To create a new Car, instantiate an instance of the Car class and add it to the realm in a write transaction block:

final car = Car('Tesla', model: 'Model S', miles: 42);
realm.write(() {

To modify a car, update its properties in a write transaction block:

realm.write(() {
car.miles = 99;

Delete a car by calling the Realm.delete() method in a write transaction block:

realm.write(() {

Delete multiple cars with the Realm.deleteMany() method in a write transaction block.

realm.write(() {
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