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Connect to App Services - Flutter SDK

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  • Before You Begin
  • Access the App Client
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The App client is the interface to the Atlas App Services backend. It provides access to the authentication and Device Sync.

  1. Create an App Services App

  1. Find the App ID in the Realm UI.

  2. Create an AppConfiguration object with your App's App ID as the argument.

  3. Create an App with the AppConfiguration you just created. You use this App instance to access App Services features throughout your client application.

final appConfig = AppConfiguration(APP_ID);
final app = App(appConfig);


You can create multiple App instances to connect to multiple Apps or to the same App with different configurations. All App instances that share the same App ID use the same underlying connection.

You can add optional arguments to the AppConfiguration for more granular control of your App client. You may want to add things like custom timeouts for connections or keys for local metadata encryption. To learn about the available configuration options, refer to the AppConfiguration reference documentation.

final appConfig = AppConfiguration(APP_ID,
defaultRequestTimeout: const Duration(seconds: 120),
localAppVersion: '2.0'
// ... see reference docs for all available configuration options


Connect Using Android 7 or Older

The default HTTP client included with the Realm Flutter SDK does not work for apps running on Android 7 or older. To work around this, you must add a custom HTTP client to your AppConfiguration. To learn more, refer to Connect to App Services Using Android 7 or Older.

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