Package io.realm.mongodb

Entities for configuration of linkage and authentication with MongoDB Realm Apps.


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interface App
An App is the main client-side entry point for interacting with a MongoDB Realm App.
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interface AppConfiguration
An AppConfiguration is used to setup linkage to a MongoDB Realm application.
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enum AuthenticationProvider : Enum<AuthenticationProvider>
This enum contains the list of authentication providers supported by MongoDB Realm.
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interface Credentials
Credentials represent a login with a given login provider.
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class EmailPasswordAuth(app: NativePointer)
Class encapsulating functionality for managing Users through the AuthenticationProvider.EMAIL_PASSWORD provider.
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interface SyncConfiguration : Configuration
A SyncConfiguration is used to setup a Realm Database that can be synchronized between devices using MongoDB Realm.
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interface SyncSession
A session controls how data is synchronized between a single Realm on the device and MongoDB on the server.
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interface User
A user holds the user's metadata and tokens for accessing Realm App functionality.