Type alias LogCategory

LogCategory: typeof LOG_CATEGORIES[number]

The category to receive log messages for. The LogLevel will always be set for a specific category. Setting the log level on one category, will automatically set the log level for any subcategory.


When debugging, you might not need log messages from everything. To narrow this scope, log events can be grouped by category.

"Realm" : Include logs from all categories.

"Realm.Storage" : Database mutations and query operations.

"Realm.Storage.Transaction" : Creating, advancing, and committing transactions.

"Realm.Storage.Query" : Query operations.

"Realm.Storage.Object" : Database mutations.

"Realm.Storage.Notification" : Notifications of changes to the database.

"Realm.Sync" : Activity related to Atlas Device Sync.

"Realm.Sync.Client" : Activity related to Atlas Device Sync client operations.

"Realm.Sync.Client.Session" : Connection level activity.

"Realm.Sync.Client.Changeset" : Receiving, uploading, and integrating changesets.

"Realm.Sync.Client.Network" : Low level network activity.

"Realm.Sync.Client.Reset" : Client reset operations.

"Realm.Sync.Server" : Activity related to Atlas Device Sync server operations.

"Realm.App" : Log activity at the Atlas App level.

"Realm.SDK" : Log activity at the SDK level.

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