Package io.realm

Class ProxyState<E extends RealmModel>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class ProxyState<E extends RealmModel>
    extends Object
    implements io.realm.internal.PendingRow.FrontEnd
    This implements RealmObjectProxy interface, to eliminate copying logic between RealmObject and DynamicRealmObject.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProxyState

        public ProxyState()
      • ProxyState

        public ProxyState​(E model)
    • Method Detail

      • getRealm$realm

        public io.realm.BaseRealm getRealm$realm()
      • setRealm$realm

        public void setRealm$realm​(io.realm.BaseRealm realm)
      • getRow$realm

        public io.realm.internal.Row getRow$realm()
      • setRow$realm

        public void setRow$realm​(io.realm.internal.Row row)
      • getAcceptDefaultValue$realm

        public boolean getAcceptDefaultValue$realm()
      • setAcceptDefaultValue$realm

        public void setAcceptDefaultValue$realm​(boolean acceptDefaultValue)
      • getExcludeFields$realm

        public List<String> getExcludeFields$realm()
      • setExcludeFields$realm

        public void setExcludeFields$realm​(List<String> excludeFields)
      • removeAllChangeListeners

        public void removeAllChangeListeners()
      • isUnderConstruction

        public boolean isUnderConstruction()
      • setConstructionFinished

        public void setConstructionFinished()
      • isLoaded

        public boolean isLoaded()
      • load

        public void load()
      • onQueryFinished

        public void onQueryFinished​(io.realm.internal.Row row)
        Specified by:
        onQueryFinished in interface io.realm.internal.PendingRow.FrontEnd
      • checkValidObject

        public void checkValidObject​(RealmModel value)
        Check that object is a valid and managed object by this Realm. Used by proxy classes to verify input.
        value - model object