Package io.realm

Class DefaultCompactOnLaunchCallback

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    public class DefaultCompactOnLaunchCallback
    extends Object
    implements CompactOnLaunchCallback
    The default implementation for determining if a file should be compacted or not. This implementation will only trigger if the file is above 50 MB and more than 50% can be reclaimed.
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      • DefaultCompactOnLaunchCallback

        public DefaultCompactOnLaunchCallback()
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      • shouldCompact

        public boolean shouldCompact​(long totalBytes,
                                     long usedBytes)
        Description copied from interface: CompactOnLaunchCallback
        This method determines if the Realm file should be compacted before opened and returned to the user. It is passed the total file size (data + free space) and the bytes used by data in the file.
        Specified by:
        shouldCompact in interface CompactOnLaunchCallback
        totalBytes - the total file size (data + free space).
        usedBytes - the total bytes used by data in the file.
        {code true} to indicate an attempt to compact the file should be made. Otherwise, the compaction will be skipped.