Realm C++ SDK Version v2.0.1
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realm::managed< linking_objects< ptr > > Struct Template Reference

Inheritance diagram for realm::managed< linking_objects< ptr > >:

Public Types

using iterator = typename results< typename internal::ptr_type_extractor< ptr >::class_type >::iterator
using Class = typename internal::ptr_type_extractor< ptr >::class_type

Public Member Functions

linking_objects< ptr > detach () const
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
size_t size ()
managed< Class > operator[] (size_t idx)
- Public Member Functions inherited from realm::managed_base
void assign (internal::bridge::obj *obj, internal::bridge::realm *realm, internal::bridge::col_key &&key)
void assign (internal::bridge::obj *obj, internal::bridge::realm *realm, const internal::bridge::col_key &key)
template<typename T >
managed_baseoperator= (const T &v)
void prepare_for_query (internal::bridge::realm *realm, const internal::bridge::table &table, const std::string_view &col_name, realm::rbool *query_builder)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from realm::managed_base
internal::bridge::objm_obj = nullptr
internal::bridge::realmm_realm = nullptr
internal::bridge::col_key m_key
rboolm_rbool_query = nullptr
- Static Public Attributes inherited from realm::managed_base
static constexpr bool is_object = false
- Protected Member Functions inherited from realm::managed_base
 managed_base (const managed_base &other)
managed_baseoperator= (const managed_base &other)
 managed_base (managed_base &&other)
managed_baseoperator= (managed_base &&other)

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