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New in version 1.7.



Returns names for all databases on the server.

function listDatabaseNames(array $options = []): Iterator

This method has the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
$options array Optional. An array specifying the desired options.

The $options parameter supports the following options:

Option Type Description
authorizedDatabases boolean

Optional. A flag that determines which databases are returned based on the user privileges when access control is enabled. For more information, see the listDatabases command documentation.

For servers < 4.0.5, this option is ignored.

New in version 1.7.

filter array|object

Optional. A query expression to filter the list of databases.

You can specify a query expression for database fields (e.g. name, sizeOnDisk, empty).

New in version 1.3.

maxTimeMS integer Optional. The cumulative time limit in milliseconds for processing operations on the cursor. MongoDB aborts the operation at the earliest following interrupt point.
session MongoDB\Driver\Session

Optional. Client session to associate with the operation.

Sessions are not supported for server versions prior to 3.6.

New in version 1.3.

Return Values

An Iterator, which provides the name of each database on the server.


MongoDB\Exception\UnexpectedValueException if the command response from the server was malformed.

MongoDB\Exception\InvalidArgumentException for errors related to the parsing of parameters or options.

MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException for other errors at the driver level (e.g. connection errors).


The following example lists all databases on the server:


$client = new MongoDB\Client;

foreach ($client->listDatabaseNames() as $databaseName) {

The output would then resemble:

string(5) "local"
string(4) "test"

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