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Opens a writable stream for a new GridFS file.

function openUploadStream($filename, array $options = []): resource

This method has the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
$filename string The filename of the file.
$options array Optional. An array specifying the desired options.

The $options parameter supports the following options:

Option Type Description
_id mixed Optional. Value to use as the file document identifier. Defaults to a new MongoDB\BSON\ObjectId object.
chunkSizeBytes integer Optional. The chunk size in bytes. Defaults to the bucket’s chunkSizeBytes option.
metadata array|object Optional. User data for the metadata field of the file document. If not specified, the metadata field will not be set on the file document.

Return Values

A writable stream resource.


Chunk documents will be created as data is written to the writable stream. The metadata document will be created when the writable stream is closed.