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Whitelist (Deprecated)

The whitelist resource lets you retrieve and update a user’s whitelist, which controls the user’s access to whitelisted API operations. Users can issue whitelisted API operations only from addresses on their own whitelists. To use the whitelist resource you must know the Unique identifier of the user who owns the whitelist. To retrieve a user’s ID, see Get All Users in One Project.

The whitelist resource’s POST and DELETE operations are themselves whitelisted. They must originate from an address already on the user’s whitelist.

You can access whitelist information only for the user issuing the request. The USER-ID in the URL must match the ID of the user associated with the Public API key used to send the request.

Base URL: https://{OPSMANAGER-HOST}:{PORT}/api/public/v1.0


The following endpoints are available for hosts.

Method Endpoint Description
GET /users/{USER-ID}/whitelist Retrieves the whitelist for the current user.
GET /users/{USER-ID}/whitelist/{IP-ADDRESS} Retrieves the whitelist for the specified IP address.
POST /users/{USER-ID}/whitelist/{IP-ADDRESS} Adds entries to the whitelist for the current user.
DELETE /users/{USER-ID}/whitelist/{IP-ADDRESS} Deletes an entry from the whitelist for the current user.