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Update from Deployments with Managed and Unmanaged Agents

    You have a project with automated MongoDB deployments that may include both Automation-managed and standalone Backup and Monitoring Agents. You want to update to the MongoDB Agent.

    To update to the MongoDB Agent, use the following procedures:

    Review the Prerequisites First

    If you want to start or continue using Automation to manage your MongoDB deployments, please review the MongoDB Agent Prerequisites before updating to the MongoDB Agent.



    Log in to the Ops Manager Application.


    From the notification banner, click Update All Agents.

    The Update to MongoDB Agent page opens to start the update process. The Introducing the MongoDB Agent step displays. When you have finished reading this step, click Next.


    Update automated hosts to MongoDB Agent.

    If your project has hosts that use Automation, you can update the Agents on those hosts to the MongoDB Agent.

    1. Click Update All.
    2. Wait until all hosts show Updated.
    3. Click Next.

    All authentication SCRAM, LDAP, and Kerberos credentials from legacy Agents are retained after the update. All .pem key files are retained as well.

    The legacy Automation Agent credentials become the MongoDB Agent credentials used for Automation. These credentials should not need modification. However, if you need to modify them, navigate to Deployment arrow right icon Security arrow right icon Authentication & TLS arrow right icon Edit Settings.


    Finish the installation of the MongoDB Agent.

    At the Final Steps modal, the legacy Backup and Monitoring Agents are put into standby mode. Click Finish.

    Next Steps

    After the MongoDB Agent update completes:

    • If you did not update Backup or Monitoring Agents when you installed the MongoDB Agent, you can activate Backup, Monitoring, or both on your MongoDB deployment.
    • Stop and remove the legacy Monitoring Agent.
    • Stop and remove the legacy Backup Agent.