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This page in the Admin interface lists projects, their creation dates, and their last pings from agents.

To view a project’s details

Click the project’s name.

To edit a project’s metric data retention policy

  1. In the Actions column for a project, click ellipsis icon , then click Monitoring Data Retention.
  2. Change the retention levels as desired. Increasing the retention period for a granularity level requires more storage on the Ops Manager Application Database. To learn more about monitoring data retention, see the default monitoring data retention values per day, hour, and minute.

To edit a project’s tags

In the Actions column for a project, click ellipsis icon , then click Edit Tags.

A project can have up to 10 tags. Tags follow these rules:

  • Are case-sensitive
  • Can contain these characters:
    • A through Z
    • 0 through 9
    • . (period)
    • _ (underscore)
    • - (dash)
  • Are limited to 32 characters

To edit the LDAP groups that correspond to a project’s roles

To learn how to associate LDAP groups with project roles, see the Associate LDAP groups with project roles step.


You can perform this procedure only if you enabled LDAP authentication for Ops Manager.

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