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Start and Stop Ops Manager Application

Start the Ops Manager Server


If you installed from a tar.gz or zip archive, you must create a symlink located at the path /etc/init.d/mongodb-mms that points to the <install_dir>/bin/mongodb-mms.

After configuring your Ops Manager deployment, you can start the Ops Manager Application with this command:

sudo /etc/init.d/mongodb-mms start

In some situations, starting MongoDB may take several minutes to pre-allocate the journal files. This is normal behavior.

To open Ops Manager, enter the URL specified in the URL to Access Ops Manager setting in the Ops Manager UI. If you are opening Ops Manager for the first time, enter the following URL, where <host> is the fully qualified domain name of the Ops Manager server. Ops Manager prompts you to register a new user when you login for the first time.


Stop the Ops Manager Application

Enter the following command:

sudo /etc/init.d/mongodb-mms stop

Startup Log File Output

The Ops Manager Application logs its startup output to a logs directory of each Ops Manager host.

The log file for each Ops Manager instance is named mms#-startup.log, where # is a zero-based index of the Ops Manager instance. The log file for the Backup Daemon is named daemon-startup.log.

If the Ops Manager Application starts successfully, the init.d daemon creates log entries in this log file that resemble the following:

[main] INFO  ServerMain:202 - Starting mms...
[main] WARN  AbstractConnector:294 - Acceptors should be <=2*availableProcessors: SelectChannelConnector@
[null] LoginService=HashLoginService
[main] INFO  AppConfig:46 - Starting app for env: hosted
[main] INFO  MmsAppConfig:67 - Not loading backup components
[main] INFO  GraphiteSvcImpl:67 - Graphite service not configured, events will be ignored.
[main] INFO  TwilioSvcImpl:48 - Twilio service not configured, SMS events will be ignored.
[main] INFO  OpenDMKSnmpTrapAgentSvcImpl:91 - SNMP heartbeats hosts not configured, no heartbeat traps will be sent.
[main] INFO  ServerMain:266 - Started in: 24979 (ms)


The startup log is rotated and retains the full history of all startup events. You can change its retention policy.

Optional: Run as Different User

  1. Edit <install_dir>/conf/mms.conf:

  2. Change Ownership of <install_dir> for new user:

    sudo chown -R foo_user:foo_group <install_dir>
  3. Restart the Ops Manager Application:

    sudo <install_dir>/bin/mongodb-mms restart

Optional: Ops Manager Application Server Port Number

  1. Edit <install_dir>/conf/

  2. Edit <install_dir>/conf/mms.conf

  3. Restart the Ops Manager Application:

    sudo <install_dir>/bin/mongodb-mms restart