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Administration Console : Server Pools Tab

This page allows for the administration of the server pool.

Server Pools deprecated as of Ops Manager 4.0

As of Ops Manager 4.0, server pools are deprecated and disabled by default.

Servers page

The Servers tab allows Administators to view information regarding servers in the pool, such as availability, as well as cancel pending requests and recycle servers that have been terminated but not returned to the pool. The Servers tab provides three views:

View Description
Server List

Lists servers in the pool and their availability (i.e. whether they are bound to a specific Ops Manager group or unbound). From this list, Administrators can terminate unbound servers.

For servers bound to a group, owners of the group can terminate the servers from their Deployment view.

Pending Requests Lists the pending requests. Administrator can cancel pending requests from this view.
Recycle Bin

Lists terminated servers that have not been returned to the pool. From this view, Administrator can recycle terminated servers to return them to the pool.

If the list of terminated servers exceed the list displayed on the current page, Recycle All recycles all terminated servers in the recycle bin, not just the servers displayed on the current page.

Servers Request Options page

The Servers Request Options tab allows Administrators to control which server options are displayed to the users when users make a server request. These options are the properties and values specified in the serverPoolPropertiesFile file.

Agent Configuration page

The Agent Configuration tab displays the serverPoolKey needed to configure the Automation for a server to be added to the server pool.