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Manage Deployments

View All Clusters
View all deployments to which the user has access.
Edit a Deployment’s Configuration
Edit the configuration of a MongoDB deployment.
Manage BI Connector in Ops Manager
Modify or shut down a BI Connector instance.
Calculate Suggested Indexes
Retrieve suggested indexes for improving query performance.
Edit a Replica Set
Add hosts to, remove hosts from, or modify the configuration of hosts in a managed replica set.
Convert a Standalone to a Replica Set
Convert a standalone MongoDB process to a one-member replica set.
Convert a Replica Set to a Sharded Cluster
Convert a MongoDB replica set to sharded cluster.
Migrate a Replica Set Member
Migrate replica sets to new underlying systems by adding members to the set and decommissioning existing members.
Convert Config Servers to a Replica Set
Convert the config servers to run as a replica set.
Manage Sharded Collections
Import, create, configure and manage data distribution for sharded clusters.
Stop Managing and/or Monitoring One Deployment
Disable automation for a deployment.
Restart a Running Deployment
Restart a running sharded cluster, replica set, or standalone process.
MongoDB Processes
Start, stop, shut down, and remove MongoDB processes monitored by Ops Manager.
MongoDB Versions
Configure available MongoDB versions, and upgrade or downgrade a deployment’s version.
Host Mappings
Review and edit mappings between MongoDB hostnames and aliases.