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Shut Down a MongoDB Process

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Ops Manager supports shutting down individual mongod and mongos processes, as well as replica sets and sharded clusters. When you shut down a process, cluster, or replica set, Ops Manager continues to manage it, even though it is not running.

You can later restart your processes, or, if you no longer want Ops Manager to manage them, you can remove them.



Click Deployment, then the Processes tab, then the Topology view.


Shut down the process.

  1. Click Modify for the deployment that contains the process that you want to shut down.
  2. In Member Configuration, click the ellipsis icon […] next to the process that you want to shut down.
  3. From the ellipsis menu, click Shutdown.
  4. Click Shutdown Process to confirm.

Click Save.


Click Review & Deploy to review your changes.


Click Confirm & Deploy to deploy your changes.

Otherwise, click Cancel and you can make additional changes.