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Request Provisioned Servers from the Pool

Server Pools deprecated as of Ops Manager 4.0

As of Ops Manager 4.0, server pools are deprecated and disabled by default.

Users can deploy MongoDB on servers from the server pool.

Request Servers from the Pool

From the Deployment view, click on Add and select Request Servers.

Specify the desired configuration for the requested server(s).

If servers that meet the requested specifications are available (i.e. unbound) in the pool, the servers are bound to the project.

Pending Server Requests

If no available servers in the pool meet the requested specifications, the user can:

  • Cancel the request or have the Ops Manager Administrator cancel the request, or
  • Wait up to the specified timeout period for the the servers to become available. After the timeout period has passed, Ops Manager cancels the pending request. The Ops Manager Administrator sets the request timeout period for the server pool through the Enable and Configure the Server Pool.

You can set an alert for when the server pool cannot fulfill a server request. See Not all servers allocated from server pool request.