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Oplog Stores

This page configures the backing replica sets that store oplog slices. Oplog slices are compressed batches of the entries in the tailed oplogs of your backed-up deployments.


Do not modify the oplog store’s connection string to point to a different replica set. Existing data will not be copied and a resync will be required.

From this page you can:

  • Add a member to a replica set by adding the host to the replica set connection string in the <hostname>:<port> field. Do not modify the connection string to point to a different replica set.
  • Change the authentication credentials or connection options for a oplog store by modifying the appropriate fields.
  • Add an additional oplog store by clicking the Add New Oplog Store button at the bottom of the page.
  • Enable and disable new assignments to oplog stores using the checkboxes in the Assignment Enabled column.
  • Assign labels that can be used to assign the oplog store to a specific group. Enter labels in Assignment Labels. Separate multiple labels with commas.

After saving changes to the oplog store’s values, you must restart all the Ops Manager instances, including those running activated Backup Daemons, for the changes to take effect.