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This page lists active and recent groom jobs. Groom jobs remove unused blocks on blockstores and S3 Snapshot Stores to reclaim storage space. If no existing snapshots reference a given block, it is considered unused. Ops Manager grooms blockstores at least once a year and S3 snapshot stores at least every two weeks.

A groom job forces the backup process to:

  1. Write all new data to a new location,
  2. Copy all existing, needed data from the old location to the new one,
  3. Update references to maintain data relationships, and
  4. Drop the old database.

File Size Changes during Grooming

During grooming operations, you may notice that the file sizes of blockstores and S3 snapshot stores fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. This is normal during these operations.

You can manually direct Ops Manager to move blocks between blockstores through the Groom Priority.

You can also Configure Block Size in a Blockstore.