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Generate a Key Pair for SCP Restores

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When you restore a snapshot, you can choose to access the files through a download link, or have Ops Manager copy the restore files via SCP to your server. To use SCP, you must generate a key pair that Ops Manager can use to transmit the restore.


Windows machines do not come with SCP and require additional setup outside the scope of this manual.



Click Settings, then Project Settings.


Scroll to the Public Key for SCP Restores setting.


In the Passphrase box, enter a passphrase and then click the Generate a New Public Key button.

Ops Manager generates and displays a public key.


Log in to your server using the same username you will supply in your restore request.


Add the public key to the authorized_keys file for that user.

The authorized_keys file is often located in the ~/.ssh directory.


For security reasons, you should remove this public key from the authorized_keys file once you have obtained your backup file.