This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported. To learn how to upgrade your version of MongoDB Ops Manager, refer to the upgrade documentation.
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Change the Version of MongoDB


Ops Manager supports safe automatic MongoDB version upgrades and downgrades of managed MongoDB deployments while maximizing the availability of your deployment. Ops Manager can upgrade and downgrade sharded clusters, replica sets, and standalone MongoDB instances.

Configure Available MongoDB Versions describes how to choose which versions of MongoDB are available to Ops Manager.

If Ops Manager does not manage your deployment, you need to change the version of MongoDB manually. The MongoDB Manual provides upgrade tutorials with each release.


  • Check the following documents for any considerations or compatibility issues before changing a deployment’s MongoDB version:
  • Plan the version change during a predefined maintenance window.
  • Change the MongoDB version on a staging environment before changing a production environment. Your staging environment should mirror your production environment. This can help avoid compatibility issues that may result in downtime for your production deployment.
  • Follow the MongoDB release notes when performing manual upgrades of replica sets and sharded clusters.

Downgrading Limitations

You cannot downgrade a MongoDB deployment:

  • From version 3.6 to any version before 3.4.0
  • From version 3.4 to any version before 3.2.8


Enable Desired MongoDB Versions

If the drop-down menu does not include the desired MongoDB version, you must first enable it in the Version Manager.

Remove Incompatible MongoDB Features when Downgrading

If the MongoDB deployment has set its Feature Compatibility Version to the same release series as its Version, you must first downgrade the featureCompatibilityVersion of the instance manually.

  1. Unmanage the deployment.

  2. Downgrade the deployment item manually.


    This removes any 3.6 incompatible features and sets the "featureCompatibilityVersion" : "3.4".

  3. Import the deployment back into Ops Manager.

Limitations when Downgrading from 3.4

  1. Unmanage the deployment.

  2. Downgrade the deployment manually:


    This removes any 3.4 incompatible features and sets the "featureCompatibilityVersion" : "3.2".

  3. Import the deployment back into Ops Manager.



Click Deployment, then the Processes tab, then the Topology view.


On the line listing the deployment item, click Modify.


Change the MongoDB version.

  1. From the Version menu, click the version you want to use to downgrade or upgrade the MongoDB deployment item.
  2. Click Apply.

Click Review & Deploy to review your changes.


Click Confirm & Deploy to deploy your changes.

Otherwise, click Cancel and you can make additional changes.