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Configure Ops Manager to Use an HTTP Proxy for Outgoing Traffic

In restricted network environments, you can configure Ops Manager to use a proxy to make outbound network requests. You would use a proxy to fetch files from MongoDB, including agents, MongoDB server binaries and the Ops Manager version manifest or to contact any third-party integrated services you have enabled.

Add Whitelist of Sites for Internet-based Version Manifest Source

Include the following URLs in your proxy whitelist when your Version Manifest Source is set to Internet. Ops Manager needs access to these URLs over HTTPS to download agents and MongoDB versions:

Site Purpose To download MongoDB Enterprise Builds. To download the MongoDB version manifest. To download MongoDB Community Builds.


The Automation Agent and Backup Daemon need direct access to these URLs to download MongoDB server binaries.



Configure the proxy settings.

  1. Click the Admin link at the top left.

  2. Click Ops Manager Config.

  3. Click Miscellaneous.

  4. Set the options for the proxy under the HTTP/HTTPS Proxy section:

    Field Action
    Proxy Host Specify the hostname of the proxy server.
    Proxy Port Specify the port of the proxy server.
    Proxy Username If the proxy server requires authentication, specify the username with which to authenticate.
    Proxy Password If the proxy server requires authentication, specify the password with which to authenticate.

Restart Ops Manager.

Use the command appropriate to your platform.

Platform Restart Service Command
RHEL, CentOS, Amazon Linux and Ubuntu
sudo service mongodb-mms restart
Other Linux distributions
<install_dir>/bin/mongodb-mms restart
Windows (Command Line)
sc stop MMS && sc start MMS
Windows (Powershell)
Restart-Service -name MMS -force