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Integrate with a Monitoring Service


You can choose to use a third-party product to view and analyze the performance metrics Ops Manager collects about your deployment. Ops Manager currently provides integration with New Relic. In future releases, Ops Manager may provide integrations with additional products.

When integrated with a third-party application, Ops Manager sends the application the same metric data as displayed in the Ops Manager diagnostic charts. Ops Manager sends the data at the same resolution as collected for the charts.

Integrate with New Relic

You can configure Ops Manager to send metric data about your deployment to New Relic for viewing through the New Relic MongoDB plugin. You can also use Insights for New Relic to run analytics on the collected data.

To integrate Ops Manager with New Relic, you must have a New Relic account and must retrieve the account information listed below. If you do not have an existing New Relic account, you can sign up using

To enable New Relic to receive metric data about your MongoDB deployment, retrieve the following information from your New Relic account settings. You may need to create new Insights API keys. Retrieve the following:

  • Account ID
  • License Key
  • Insights API Insert Key
  • Insights API Query Key

You enter this information when configuring the integration. If any of the keys later become invalid, Ops Manager sends an email to the group owner and eventually removes the invalid credentials.

Configure Ops Manager integration with New Relic by doing the following:


Click Settings, then Group Settings.


Scroll to New Relic Settings and click the pencil icon.


Enter the information you collected from your New Relic account.

This information is available in your account settings on New Relic’s website.


To test the connection, click Post test to New Relic.


Click Save.