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Edit Personal Settings

To access personal settings, click Settings.

Edit Your User Account

Click Settings and then click Account. To edit a setting click the its pencil icon:

User Name Displays your username. You cannot change your username.
Email Address Displays the email address Ops Manager associates with your account.
Mobile Phone Number The number to use to receive SMS alerts, including two-factor authentication codes.
Password Allows you to change your Ops Manager password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one letter, one digit, and one special character.
Two-Factor Authentication

Ops Manager may require two factor authentication for login. For details, see Manage Your Two-Factor Authentication Options.

To delete or reset two-factor authentication, contact your Ops Manager system administrator.

Edit Your Personal Preferences

Click Settings and then click Personalization. Edit the following as desired. The available fields depend on your role.

My Time Zone Select your time zone.
My Date Format Select your preferred date format.

Configure Public API Access

Click Settings and then click Public API Access. From this page you can:

Edit Group Membership

Click Settings and then click My Groups. The page displays the Ops Manager groups to which you belong.

To add a new group, click Add Group.

To leave a group, click the group’s Leave Group button.