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Replica Set Statistics

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The Replica set statistics interface makes is possible to view data from all replica set members at once.



Select the Deployment tab and then the Deployment page.


Click view mode.


Click the name of the replica set.

Ops Manager displays a separate chart for each replica set member.


Select the members to display.

In the TOGGLE MEMBERS section at the top of the page, click the P and S icons to choose which members to display. Hover the mouse pointer over an icon to display member information.


Select the granularity and the zoom.

Select the GRANULARITY of the data displayed. The selected granularity option determines the available ZOOM options.

To isolate a specific region of data, click-and-drag on that region of the chart. All other charts automatically zoom to the same region.

To reset the zoom level, double-click anywhere on the chart.


Add, remove, and reorder charts.

Add and remove charts using either the Add Chart drop-down list or the buttons at bottom of the page.

Move a chart within the display by hovering the mouse over the chart, clicking the grabber in the upper left corner, and dragging the chart to the new position.


View an explanation of a chart’s data.

Hover the mouse pointer over the and click the i icon.


View metrics for a specific date and time.

Move the mouse pointer over the chart to view data for a point in time.