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Remove Processes from Monitoring


You can remove mongod or mongos processes from Ops Manager monitoring by “unmanaging” them. Unmanaging a process removes it from the Deployment page and from management by Ops Manager but does not shut it down. When you unmanage a mongod or mongos process, it continues to run. It simply isn’t managed by Ops Manager anymore.


If you intend to shut down a process and intend to do so through Ops Manager, do that first, before unmanaging the process. See Shut Down MongoDB Processes.

Instead of removing processes from monitoring, you can optionally disable their alerts, which allows you to continue to view the processes in the Deployment page. See Manage Host Alerts.


To unmanage a process:


Select the Deployment tab and then the Deployment page.


Click edit mode, and then click the arrow to the right of the deployment.


In the box displaying the deployment configuration, click the gear icon and select Unmanage.


Click Review & Deploy.


Click Confirm & Deploy.