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Retrieve a Snapshot with SCP Delivery

In addition to the PULL via Secure HTTP (HTTPS) delivery method, Ops Manager Backup supports snapshot delivery using SCP. With Push via Secure Copy (SCP), Ops Manager copies the snapshot directly to the target system.

For an overview of Ops Manager’s internal behavior and a more detailed description of the restore types and delivery options, see: Restore Flows.


In order for Ops Manager to be able to securely copy your snapshots to your system, you must grant Ops Manager access to the server, either by providing a username and password, or by providing a username with an SSH public key. See: Select Backup File Delivery Method and Format for instructions.



Select the Backups tab, and then select either Sharded Cluster Status or Replica Set Status.


Click the name of the sharded cluster or replica set to restore.

Ops Manager displays your selection’s stored snapshots.


Select the snapshot from which to restore.

To select a stored snapshot, click the Restore this snapshot link next to the snapshot.

To select a custom snapshot, click the Restore button at the top of the page. In the resulting page, select a snapshot as the starting point. Then select the Use Custom Point In Time checkbox and enter the point in time in the Date and Time fields. Ops Manager includes all operations up to but not including the point in time. For example, if you select 12:00, the last operation in the restore is 11:59:59 or earlier. Click Next.


Select Push via Secure Copy (SCP) as the delivery method.

In the Select Restore Destination screen’s Delivery Method field, select Push via Secure Copy (SCP) to transfer the backup to your server via SCP.


Enter the SCP details.

Enter the following:

Format: Select the file format. The Individual DB Files option copies the data files directly to the target directory.

With the Individual DB Files format, Ops Manager transmits the MongoDB data files directly to the target directory. The individual files format only requires sufficient space on the destination server for the data files.

In contrast, the Archive (tar.gz) option bundles the database files into a single tar.gz archive file, which you must extract before reconstruction your databases. This requires temporary space on the server hosting the Backup Daemon and sufficient space on the destination server to hold the archive file and extract it.

SCP Host: Your server.

SCP Port: SCP runs over port 22 by default.

SCP User: A username for your server.

Auth Method: Select either password or SSH as the authentication method. See: Select Backup File Delivery Method and Format for details about the authentication methods.

Password: If using a password for authentication, enter the password. To test the authentication, click Test.

Target Directory: The server location to which to transfer the snapshot.


Finalize the request.

Click Finalize Request and confirm your identify via two-factor verification. Then click Finalize Request again.

Ops Manager pushes the snapshot to the location you specified.

Additional Information

The Restore a Sharded Cluster from a Backup and Restore a Replica Set from a Backup tutorials provide more detailed instructions for restoring a sharded cluster or replica set using snapshot.