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Restart a MongoDB Process


If an Ops Manager-managed MongoDB process is not currently running, you can restart it directly from the Ops Manager console.


If the Monitoring Agent cannot collect information from a MongoDB process, Ops Manager stops monitoring the process. By default, Ops Manager stops monitoring a mongos that is unreachable for 24 hours and a mongod that is unreachable for 7 days. Your group might have different default behavior. Ask your system administrator.


To restart a process:


Select the Deployment tab and then the Deployment page.


Click edit mode, and then click the arrow to the right of the deployment.


In the box displaying the deployment configuration, click the gear icon and select Start Up.


Click Startup to confirm.


Click Review & Deploy to review the configuration.

Ops Manager displays the full configuration for you to review.


Click Confirm & Deploy.

To view deployment progress, click View Agent Logs and select an agent at the top of the Agent Logs page. To check for updated entries, refresh the page.

If you diagnose an error and need to correct the deployment configuration, click Edit Configuration and then click Edit Configuration again. Reconfigure the deployment through the deployment arrow button or through the Add button. If you cannot find a solution, shut down the deployment. When you complete your changes, click Review & Deploy and then Confirm & Deploy.