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Remove Hosts

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You can remove hosts that you no longer use, but when you do they are hidden permanently. If you run the instance again, Ops Manager will not discover it. If you choose to add the host again, Ops Manager will not display it.

Only a global administrator can undelete the host so that it will again display if added. The administrator can add the host back through the Deleted Hosts page in the Ops Manager Admin interface.

Instead of removing a host, you can optionally disable alerts for the host, which does not remove it from the Deployment pages. See Manage Host Alerts.


To remove a host from Ops Manager:


Select the Deployment tab and then the Deployment page.


On the line listing the process, click the gear icon and select Remove Host.


Click Delete.


If prompted for a two-factor authentication code, enter it, click Verify, and then click Delete again.