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Enable the Public API


You enable the Public API on a per-group basis. To enable the Public API for a group, you must have the Owner or Global Owner role.


You can have up to ten keys associated to your account. Each key can be either enabled or disabled, but be aware that they both count towards the ten key limit.

API Keys are associated to a user and therefore have the same level of access as that user.



Enable the Public API for each group.

The Public API is enabled on a per-group basis, so make sure to enable it for all groups that need to use it.

To enable the Public API for a group, select the Administration tab and then select Group Settings. Click the Enable Public API button to toggle it ON.


Generate an API key.

An API Key is like a password. Keep it secret.

To generate a key, select the Administration tab and then API Keys & Whitelists. In the API Keys section, use the Generate button to generate a new key. Follow the prompts, being sure to copy the key once it is generated. Ops Manager displays the full key one time only. Ops Manager displays only the partial key in the key list and provides no access to the full key.


Define your whitelist.

Certain API operations require a higher level of security and are protected by a whitelist. Only client requests that originate from a whitelisted IP address will be permitted to invoke such operations.

To define your whitelist, select the Administration tab and then API Keys & Whitelists. In the API Whitelist section, use the Add button to add a permitted IP address.

To delete an address, select the gear icon for the address and select Delete.

CIDR notation is not supported.

Additional Information

See the Public API Principles for a background on the use and operation of the Public API, and Public API Resources for a complete reference of all resources available in the Public API.