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Configure SSL Connections to Ops Manager


You can encrypt connections from the Monitoring and Backup Agents to Ops Manager and from website clients to the Ops Manager web interface. You can encrypt connections in either of two ways:

  • Set up an HTTPs proxy in front of Ops Manager.
  • Run the Ops Manager Application over HTTPS, as described here.

Run the Ops Manager Application Over HTTPS

To run the Ops Manager Application over HTTPS, you can configure Ops Manager with the server’s certificate and private key.


Open the file with root privileges.

For the file location, see Ops Manager Configuration Files.


Configure the mms.https.PEMKeyFile and mms.https.PEMKeyFilePassword settings.

Set mms.https.PEMKeyFile to a PEM file containing an X509 certificate and private key, and set mms.https.PEMKeyFilePassword to the password for the certificate. For example:


Set mms.centralUrl to the new HTTPS information. For example:


8443 is the default port used by Ops Manager.