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Add Servers for Use by Automation

You can add servers to Automation in the following ways:

  • Provision existing systems and infrastructure. Ops Manager can deploy and manage MongoDB on your existing servers. To use your existing hardware, you must deploy the Automation Agent to each server on which Ops Manager will deploy MongoDB. See Add Existing Servers to Ops Manager.
  • Use your local system for testing. Ops Manager can deploy MongoDB to your laptop or desktop system. Do not use local systems for production deployments. To use your local system, you must deploy the Automation Agent.

Server Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for the servers that will host your MongoDB deployments:


  • At least 10 GB of free disk space plus whatever space is necessary to hold your MongoDB data.
  • At least 4 GB of RAM.
  • If you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instances, we recommend at least an m3.medium instance.


  • For each server that hosts a MongoDB process managed by Ops Manager, the output of hostname -f must generate a hostname that is resolvable from all other servers in the MongoDB deployment.


If you provision your own servers and if you use MongoDB Enterprise, you must install the prerequisite packages on the servers before deploying MongoDB Enterprise to the servers.