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Automation Agent Changelog

Automation Agent

Released with Ops Manager 1.6.3 on 2015-06-23

  • Added support for importing an existing deployment that contains authenticated arbiters on which the hostname does not resolve locally to the loopback interface.
  • Fixed logic used for performing a rolling restart.
  • Fixed issue with deriving the default port for config servers started with the --configsvr option but with no port specified. See: MMS-2489.

Automation Agent

Released 2015-04-28

  • Fixed an issue with updating users created on MongoDB 2.4.
  • Fixed an issue with config server repair that occurred if the third config server was out of sync.

Automation Agent

Released 2015-03-26

  • Fixed a rare edge-case that prevented the Automation Agent from successfully enabling authentication.

Automation Agent

Released 2015-03-02

Initial release.