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Host Statistics

For each host, Ops Manager provides an extensive set of charts for analyzing the statistics collected by the Monitoring Agent.

Accessing a Host’s Statistics


Select the Deployment tab and then the Deployment page.


Click view mode.


Click the name of the cluster, replica set or process for which to view statistics.


Hover the mouse pointer over a chart to display chart controls.

To use the controls, see Accessing Information on a Host’s Chart.

Accessing Information on a Host’s Chart

Hover the mouse cursor over the chart to display the chart controls.

  • Click the i icon for a description of the chart.
  • Click-and-drag to select a portion of the chart to zoom into. All charts on the page zoom to the same level.
  • Double-click to revert the charts back to the default zoom setting.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over a point on the chart to display statistics for that point in time.
  • Click the two-way arrow to open an expanded version of the chart.
  • Click the curved arrow for a list of additional actions:
    • Chart Permalink opens a page that displays only this chart.
    • Email Chart opens a dialogue box where you can input an email address and short message to send the chart by email.
  • Click and hold the upper-left triangular grabber to move the chart to a different place on the page.

Chart Annotations

Annotations may appear as colored vertical lines on your charts to indicate server events. The following color/event combinations are:

  • A red bar indicates a server restart.
  • A purple bar indicates the server is now a primary.
  • A yellow bar indicates the server is now a secondary.

If you do not wish to see the chart annotations, you can disable them on the Administration tab’s Personalization page.