This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported. To learn how to upgrade your version of MongoDB Ops Manager, refer to the upgrade documentation.
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Deployment provides access to all your monitored objects. The Deployment tab includes the pages described here.

Deployment Page

The Deployment page provides access to all monitored mongod and mongos instances. The page includes the following information:

Field Description
Last Ping The last time this agent sent a ping to the Ops Manager servers. Click a ping to view a detailed status from the ping.
Host The hostname and port of the instance. Click the hostname to view host statistics.
Orange triangle icon under a host name.

The startup warning indicator for the host. Only displayed when warnings exist. Click the host’s last ping for warning details. Ops Manager startup warnings can include the following:

  • Ops Manager suspects the host has a low ulimit setting of less than 1024. Ops Manager infers the host’s ulimit setting using the total number of available and current connections. See the UNIX ulimit Settings reference page.

  • Ops Manager flags a deactivated host.


    If you have deactivated hosts, review all deactivated hosts to ensure that they are still in use, and remove all hosts that are not active. Then click on the warning icon and select Reactive ALL hosts.


The type of host. Possible types include the following:

When the host recovers, the rectangle flag turns yellow and displays RECOVERING. When the host returns a fatal error, the flag displays FATAL. The flag also can display NO DATA.

Cluster The name of the cluster to which this instance belongs. Only cluster members display this value. Click the cluster name to display aggregated information on the cluster’s replica sets. See Aggregated Cluster Statistics for details.
Shard The name of the shard.
Repl Set The name of the shard’s replica set. Click the replica set name to display replica set statistics. See Replica Set Statistics for details.
Up Since The date the host first pinged Ops Manager.
Version The version of the MongoDB running on this instance.

Host Mapping Page

The Host Mapping page shows the mapping between system hostnames and the names provided by the monitored mongod and mongos processes.