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Update Version Manifest Manually

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  • Open the Ops Manager Application.
  • Navigate to the Version Manifest page.
  • Click Update MongoDB Version Manifest from MongoDB, Inc.
  • Copy the version manifest contents.
  • Return to the Version Manifest page in the Ops Manager Application.
  • Paste the version manifest contents into the Ops Manager Application.

You can use Automation to install and upgrade MongoDB instances in your deployment. You need to give Ops Manager a list of which versions can be installed. The complete list of all possible MongoDB editions and versions is called the version manifest.

If you set the Ops Manager gets installers from: option to Direct connection to MongoDB, Ops Manager updates the version manifest automatically.

If you set the Ops Manager gets installers from: option to Ops Manager Application Server Hard Drive, you need to update the version manifest manually.


From a computer that can access the Internet and the Ops Manager hosts, open the Ops Manager Application.

  1. Click Admin in the upper right corner.

  2. Click the General tab.

  3. Click Version Manifest.

  • If the version manifest update succeeds, the last updated note changes to the current date and time.


    The following output is for a successful update.

    The current manifest has a last updated time of 01/23/2023 - 00:00.

    You can stop this procedure at this step.

  • If the version manifest update fails, a warning describing the failure displays with a text box beneath it.


    The following output is for an Internet Access Error:

    Auto Update failed. It does not appear your web browser has access to the internet. To update the manifest you must place the contents the file located at into the box below.

    You need to continue to the next step.

  1. Open the manifest JSON file at in your browser.

  2. Select all of the manifest contents.

  3. Copy the contents.

  1. Paste the version manifest into the text box beneath the warning.

  2. Click Submit MongoDB Version Manifest.

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