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Configure Alert Settings

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  • Overview
  • Considerations
  • Default Alert Configurations
  • Default Settings for Notification Options
  • Create an Alert Configuration
  • Delete an Alert Configuration
  • Disable or Enable an Alert Configuration
  • View the History of Changes to an Alert Configuration

An alert configuration defines the conditions that trigger an alert and the alert's notification methods. This tutorial describes how to create and manage the alert configurations for a specified project. To create and manage global alert configurations, see Manage Global Alerts.

Many factors may affect alert delivery, including do not call lists, caps for messages sent or delivered, delivery time of day, and message caching.

Check with your telephone service contract for the costs associated with receiving text messages.

If you choose SMS, Ops Manager sends alert text messages to all users in the project who have a mobile number associated with their user account.

You can create multiple alert configurations with different frequencies. The minimum frequency for an alert is 5 minutes.

The time between re-notifications increases by the frequency amount every alert cycle up to a maximum of 24 hours. For example, if the frequency amount is 5 minutes, and the alert condition is first triggered at 9am, subsequent alerts occur at 9:05am, 9:15am, 9:30am, etc.

You can set the time to elapse before Ops Manager sends an alert after an alert condition occurs. This helps eliminate false positives.

To configure default settings for one of the above notification options, click Integrations under Projects in the sidebar. Locate the notification option and enter the default values.

Ops Manager will fill in the default values automatically when a user selects that option when creating an alert configuration. If the key, token, or URL that is used to send the notification becomes invalid, Ops Manager will send an email to the project owner and will eventually remove the key, token, or URL.

When you create a new alert, you can clone an existing alert.

If you delete an alert setting, Ops Manager cancels active alerts related to the setting. A deleted alert setting does not remain visible.

If you disable an alert setting, Ops Manager cancels active alerts related to the setting. A disabled alert setting remains visible but grayed-out and can be later re-enabled.

If you need to disable an alert only for a period of time, you can suspend alerts.

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