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Configure a Highly Available Ops Manager Backup Service

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The following considerations apply to making backups highly available:

  • The Ops Manager Application manages backups. To meet your backup needs, deploy a sufficient number of Ops Manager hosts with a load balancer.

  • Ops Manager expects that all stores are available at all times. High availability of S3-compatible storage and filesystem stores is outside of the Ops Manager Application scope.

  • Create a replica set rather than a standalone for each dedicated MongoDB process that hosts the Ops Manager Application and for each backing database. A backing database can include a MongoDB blockstore snapshot store, a MongoDB oplog store, or an S3-compatible storage metadata store.

    Ops Manager uses w: 2 write concern, which requires acknowledgement from the primary and one secondary for each write operation. When deploying a replica set with members in many facilities, ensure that a single facility has enough votes to elect a primary, if needed. When choosing between facilities for this single facility, choose the facility that hosts the Ops Manager Application and application database. Place a majority of voting members and all the members that can become primary in this facility. Otherwise, network partitions could prevent the set from being able to form a majority.

    To learn more, see:

  • If you choose to assign snapshot stores to specific data centers, consider each region's high availability requirements based on your deployment needs. For example, in some deployments, configuring a replica set may provide sufficient availability. If your deployment has 24/7 high availability requirements even if a data center goes down, configure enough nodes in each data center to accommodate writes. To learn more, see Highly Available Ops Manager Application and Multiple snapshot stores.

  • Configure more than one Backup Daemon instance for queryable restore jobs and groom jobs, which are useful for large deployments.

    For each Backup Daemon, you can:

    • Assign Backup jobs. If you don't assign jobs to specific daemons and stores, Ops Manager uses all available Backup Daemons for each group.

    • Adjust the settings on the Daemon configuration page. For example, for the dedicated queryable Daemon host, you can clear all checkboxes except Queryable Restore Jobs.

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