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Two-Factor Authentication

Missed SMS Authentication Tokens

Use Authenticator Apps When Possible

Authenticator applications are the preferred method to SMS for two-factor authentication. SMS is an older protocol with many known security vulnerabilities. The U.S. NIST advised abandoning SMS for 2FA in section of its Digital Identity Guidelines.

If are using SMS, but do not receive the authentication tokens via SMS:

  1. Refer to the Manage Your Two-Factor Authentication Options page for more details about using two-factor authentication. This page includes any limitations which may affect SMS delivery times.

  2. Enter the SMS phone number with country code first followed by the area code and the phone number.

    If you are outside of the United States or Canada, include 011 and the country code because Ops Manager uses the U.S.-based Twilio to send text messages. As an alternative to your non-U.S. telephone number, use a Google Voice telephone number.


    For New Zealand enter 01164 before the phone number.

    If you do not receive the authentication token in a reasonable amount of time, contact your Ops Manager system administrator.

    See also

    To learn more about limits of SMS for 2FA, see SMS delivery considerations.

Delete or Reset Two-Factor Authentication

Contact your system administrator to remove or reset two-factor authentication on your account.

For administrative information on two-factor authentication, see Manage Two-Factor Authentication for Ops Manager.


Forgot to Change MONGODB-CR Error

If your MongoDB deployment uses LDAP for authentication, and you find the following error message:


You forgot to change MONGODB-CR to LDAP (PLAIN) since they both take username/password.