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Return the Latest Targets for Prometheus


Groups and projects are synonymous terms. Your {PROJECT-ID} is the same as your project id. For existing groups, your group/project id remains the same. This page uses the more familiar term group when referring to descriptions. The endpoint remains as stated in the document.

Base URL: https://{OPSMANAGER-HOST}:{PORT}/prometheus/v1.0/


GET /groups/{GROUP-ID}/discovery

Request Path Parameters

Name Type Necessity Description
{PROJECT-ID} string Required Unique 24-hexadecimal digit string that identifies your project.

Request Query Parameters

The following query parameters are optional:

Name Type Necessity Description Default
pageNum number Optional One-based integer that returns a subsection of results. 1
itemsPerPage number Optional Number of items to return per page, up to a maximum of 500. 100
pretty boolean Optional Flag that indicates whether the response body should be in a prettyprint format. false
envelope boolean Optional

Flag that indicates whether or not to wrap the response in an envelope.

Some API clients cannot access the HTTP response headers or status code. To remediate this, set envelope : true in the query.

For endpoints that return a list of results, the results object is an envelope. Ops Manager adds the status field to the response body.

backupJobsEnabledOnly boolean Optional Flag indicating whether to exclude daemons not enabled for backing up databases from the response. Set this to false to include daemon configurations with the backupJobsEnabled flag set to false. true

Request Body Parameters

This endpoint doesn’t use HTTP request body parameters.

Response Elements

The response includes an array of your latest targets from which to scrape and a document containing their labels.

Name Type Description
targets array Each host and port from which to scrape metrics.
labels document Document that contains the label and value that differentiates your metrics.
labels.group_id string Unique hexadecimal digit string that identifies the project.
labels.group_name string Human-readable label that identifies the project.
labels.org_id string Unique hexadecimal digit string that identifies the organization.

Example Request

# Sets the `Authorization` header on every scrape request with the
# configured username and password.
# The URL that Prometheus fetches the targets from.

curl --user "{PUBLIC-KEY}:{PRIVATE-KEY}" --digest \
     --header "Accept: application/json" \
     --include \
     --request GET "{PROJECT-ID}/discovery"

Example Response