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Integrate with Third-Party Monitoring Services

You can integrate Ops Manager with third-party monitoring services to view and analyze performance metrics that Ops Manager collects about your cluster.

View or Modify Third-Party Settings

To modify third-party integration settings:


Configure the third-party integrations you want to enable.

Click Configure for the third-party service you wish to modify. You can configure settings for the following third-party services:

Third-Party Service Configuration Details
New Relic Settings


Effective Wednesday, June 16th, 2021, New Relic no longer supports the plugin-based integration with MongoDB. We do not recommend that you sign up for the plugin-based integration. To learn more, see the New Relic Plugin EOL Statement. As an alternative, consider New Relic’s MongoDB monitoring integration.

Configures Ops Manager to send metric data about your deployment to New Relic for viewing through the New Relic MongoDB plugin. You can also use Insights for New Relic to run analytics on the collected data. Ops Manager sends New Relic the same metric data as displayed in Ops Manager cluster metrics.

To learn more, see Integrate with New Relic.

PagerDuty Settings

Configures Ops Manager to send metric data about your deployment to your PagerDuty account.


All new PagerDuty keys use their Events API v2.

If you have an Events API v1 key, you can continue to use that key with MongoDB Atlas.

Build Monitoring Integrations

You can build a monitoring integration using the Ops Manager API monitoring and alerts endpoints