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  • Using a Session via Model#with_session
  • Using a Session via model#with_session

Versions 3.6 and higher of the MongoDB server support sessions. You can use sessions with Mongoid in a similar way that you would execute a transaction in ActiveRecord. Namely, you can call a method, #with_session on a model class or on an instance of a model and execute some operations in a block. All operations in the block will be executed in the context of single session. Please see the MongoDB Ruby driver documentation for what session options are available.

Please note the following limitations of sessions:

  • Sessions cannot be shared across threads; sessions are not thread-safe. This is consistent with the Ruby driver's support for sessions.

  • Sessions cannot be nested. You cannot called #with_session on a model class or a model instance within the block passed to the #with_session method on another model class or model instance.

  • All model classes and instances used within the session block must use the same driver client. For example, if you have specified different storage_options for another model used in the block than that of the model class or instance on which #with_session is called, you will get an error.

  • All connected MongoDB servers must be version 3.6 or higher.

Call #with_session on a model class and pass it session options to execute a block in the context of a session.

Person.with_session(causal_consistency: true) do
person = Person.first = "Emily"

Call #with_session on a model instance and pass it session options to execute a block in the context of a session.

person.with_session(causal_consistency: true) do
person.username = 'Emily'
person.posts << Post.create!
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