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  • Contributing Guidelines

If you wish to propose an enhancement to Mongoid, please create a Jira ticket describing the enhancement and what it would enable you to achieve in your application that is not already possible. If you believe Mongoid is not behaving correctly, please create a Jira ticket describing how you use Mongoid, what the existing behavior is that you consider incorrect or problematic, and what your desired behavior is. If you wish to make changes yourself, the following guildelines should be followed:

  1. Create a fork of Mongoid.

  2. Create a new branch in that fork.

  3. Make your changes.

  4. Ensure that the proposed changes have adequate test coverage.

  5. Raise a PR against Mongoid master. If these changes correspond to a specific Jira ticket, title the PR: "MONGOID-<ticket #> Description of Changes".

  6. The Mongoid team will review the PR and make comments/suggest changes.

  7. Once all of the changes and fixes are made, and the Mongoid team determine the PR fit for merging, we will merge the PR into master and determine whether it needs to be backported.

  8. Backports to previous stable versions are done if the change is a bug fix, is not backwards breaking, and if the commit is applicable to the corresponding stable branch. Presently backport candidates would include versions 7.3-8.0.

  9. Changes to 6.0-7.2 are generally not made unless it fixes a security vulnerability.

  10. 5.x and earlier is generally not supported.

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