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Get Started with MongoDB Atlas

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  • Prerequisites
  • Configure an Atlas Cluster
  • Summary

MongoDB CLI provides a command-line interface for managing your MongoDB Atlas projects and clusters. This tutorial demonstrates how to:

The reference pages for the commands mentioned in this tutorial are available in the Reference section.

Before you begin, you must complete the following:

Use the mongocli atlas quickstart command to create an M2 cluster in Atlas.

You can run this command in two ways:

  • Interactive mode - the command prompts you for the cluster settings and provides default values.

  • Noninteractive mode - you run the command with the options.

Click the tab to see the command for your preferred mode.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a cluster to host your data. You can connect to your cluster using the connection string for mongosh or your application or view your cluster by logging in to the UI.

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