Edit a Database Resource

You can modify a deployment’s configuration and topology, including its MongoDB versions, storage engines, and numbers of hosts or shards. You can make modifications at all levels of a deployment’s topology from a top-level sharded cluster or replica set to lower levels, such as a replica set within a sharded cluster, or an individual process within a replica set. You can also modify standalone processes.


  • Changes cannot be made to individual members of a replica set or sharded cluster, only to the whole set or cluster.
  • If a setting isn’t available for a MongoDB Kubernetes resource, then the change must be made in the Ops Manager or Cloud Manager application.
    • MongoDB custom resources do not support all mongod command line options. If you use an unsupported option in your object specification file, the backing MongoDB Agent overrides the unsupported options. For a complete list of options supported by MongoDB custom resources, see MongoDB Database Resource Specification.
  • Certain settings can only be configured using Kubernetes Operator. To review the list of settings, see MongoDB Kubernetes Operator Exclusive Settings.


  1. Edit the Kubernetes resource specification file.

  2. Modify or add any settings you need added or changed.

  3. Save your specification file.

  4. Invoke the following Kubernetes command to update your resource.

    kubectl apply -f <standalone-conf>.yaml